Crown Sell Offs and Privatization Have to End

Privatization can take many forms: sale of Crown corporations, contracting out, public-private partnerships (P3s), social impact bonds and selling off publicly held assets. Since 2007, the Sask. Party government has embraced all these privatization models to enrich out-of-province corporate interests at the expense of workers, communities and the public interest.

Help Us Demand an End to All Forms of Privatization

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The Sask. Party government’s track record on privatization speaks for itself. They privatized 40 public liquor stores, Information Services Corporation (ISC), Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) and the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC).

They’ve outsourced many Sasktel services while also contracting out hospital laundry services to an Alberta-based company as well as MRIs and many day surgeries to for-profit clinics.

P3s have been consistently used to evade transparency, accountability and oversight of major infrastructure projects that add billions to our growing provincial debt, including the Regina Bypass, the Saskatchewan Hospital and the new $635 million school project deal.

What Saskatchewan needs instead:

  • An immediate end to all further privatization schemes in Saskatchewan, including sell offs of our remaining Crown corporations, P3s, and outsourcing.
  • Contracting-in of MRI, surgical, and other health services as well as that of outsourced Crown services.
  • Re-establishment of a publicly owned and operated provincial bus service.
  • A comprehensive review by the Provincial Auditor of the Regina Bypass, Saskatchewan Hospital and P3 school projects to uncover the true cost of these projects.
  • Use of the traditional public procurement model, instead of costly and secretive P3s, for all future construction and maintenance of hospitals, nursing homes, schools, roads and other public infrastructure.

Add your name to demand an end to privatization and Crown sell offs in Saskatchewan.

Together, we can do better.