Our Public Long-Term Care System Has Never Been More Important

Our long-term care residents deserve a care system that puts their health, security and dignity ahead of for-profit interests. Saskatchewan needs more public long-term care spaces and more full-time staff to decrease staff workloads, burnout and improve quality of care for residents.

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The proportion of Saskatchewan residents over 65 years old is growing rapidly, but the number of long-term care beds is dropping. The physical infrastructure of many public long-term care homes has been left to deteriorate while private for-profit personal care homes have expanded.

Since 2016, the Sask. Party government has reduced the amount of long-term care staff, leading to high rates of burnout, excessive workloads and putting quality care for our seniors at risk.

Now, in the face of this pandemic, our long-term care system finds itself at its most vulnerable.

Saskatchewan needs more public long-term care spaces, more full-time staff, and at least 4 hours/day of hands-on care for our seniors and residents.

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