Our Schools Aren’t Science Experiments

Parents and education workers agree, Saskatchewan’s back-to-school plan is too risky. 

Our schools need more cleaning staff in addition to health and safety resources. We need fewer students in our classrooms. And many schools’ ventilation systems need immediate upgrading.

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Saskatchewan’s back-to-school plan has been rated the worst in the country. Parents, teachers and education workers agree, this plan is too risky for our children and school staff. Announcing inadequate minor fixes is too little, too late.

For years, our classrooms have been overcrowded and under-resourced. Dedicated school staff has spent their own money supplementing school supplies to make up for inadequate government funding. Now, in the face of a global pandemic, our schools find themselves at their most vulnerable.

We can’t afford to drop the ball on education. Our schools need reliable funding for resources such as more cleaning staff and robust health and safety protocols.

Our classrooms need fewer students and now more than ever, we need additional teachers and educational assistants.

Most schools require immediate ventilation upgrades and sufficient PPE equipment.

Without adequate supports and resources in our schools, we’re allowing children and staff to be science experiments. We can’t let that happen.

We need safe schools now.