Vote Local, Vote for Public Services

PLEDGE TO VOTE in your municipal election.

Vote for local candidates who support public services.
Vote for your community.
Vote for yourself and your family.

Will you sign?

Most of the things that impact your daily life happen on a local level. Road infrastructure, safe drinking water, emergency services, parks and recreational programs, school priorities -- all are decided locally by your municipal council and school board trustees.

On November 9, we need your help voting in strong candidates who support public services in our cities and municipalities.

A candidate who supports public services is a person who:

  • Believes in strong public funding for our schools, city and community services.
  • Works to keep children and school workers healthy and safe in the face of the pandemic.
  • Recognizes and promotes the value of municipal services to our quality of life.
  • Doesn’t believe that cuts to services are a viable solution to anything.

Voter turnout in municipal elections is historically the lowest among all elections.

This year, let’s change that to the benefit of our communities.