Everyone Deserves Sick Days and a Fair Wage

If you work full-time in this province, you should be able to afford the basics of life. And if you’re sick, you shouldn’t feel like you need to go to work to make ends meet. That’s why Saskatchewan needs to immediately increase its minimum wage to $15/hour and legislate 10 paid sick days/year for every worker.

Help Us Demand Sick Days and a Fair Wage for All

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It’s shameful that Saskatchewan has the lowest minimum wage in the country. At $11.45/hour, full-time workers can’t afford the basic costs of living. With low-wage poverty increasing, workers need a fair wage so that everyone in the province can pay for necessities and live in dignity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also exposed gaps in our safety net. No one should feel like they need to go to work when sick just to make ends meet. Sick days keep us all safe. That’s why we need paid sick days for every worker in Saskatchewan.

We can do so much better for workers.

Add your name to demand a $15/hour minimum wage and 10 legislated paid sick days for all.