Public services. They’re yours to defend.

No one campaigns on cuts to public services. It’s a losing proposition, and parties know it. But little by little, right-wing governments cut and privatize services when we’re not paying attention.

They contract out, create costly public-private partnerships, sell off parts of our Crowns bit by bit, and keep funding levels for services below the rate of inflation in a bid to slowly starve them.

Today, the cumulative damage done to our public services is reaching a breaking point.


We are public service voters.

We are a group of citizens who recognize that our public services must be actively defended — not only during elections, but by holding our elected representatives to account in-between elections — when no one else is watching.

Are you a public service voter?

Public services have always been there when you’ve needed them most.

Now, it’s your turn to defend them.

Because they’re yours to defend.

Will you help defend public services in Saskatchewan?

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