Restore Funding to Universities and Demand a Tuition Freeze Now

Decades of cuts to post-secondary education have meant our universities now rely on tuition hikes and corporate sponsorship for their funding. Our universities need significant funding increases and an immediate tuition freeze to maintain high-quality standards and accessibility for all.

Demand Sustainable Funding for Saskatchewan Universities

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Over the past five years, the Sask. Party government has chronically underfunded our province’s universities through a combination of cuts, funding freezes and minimal increases below the rate of inflation.

Tuition fees have skyrocketed for both domestic and international students, while scholarships and student aid have been slashed.

The Sask Party government even cut NORTEP, which successfully trained Indigenous and northern teachers for over 40 years.

And now funding cuts have left universities reliant on corporate sponsorships and grants, putting independent research at risk.

It’s past time we re-invested in our future.

The government needs to restore and increase funding to all post-secondary institutions, freeze tuition fees, and formulate a plan to reduce future tuition fees.

Add your name to demand the government renew its commitment to higher learning in this province.